Worksheet 3: Define The Vision

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 05-06-2017

Vision: a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation:

+Vision is basically seeing. Let's project forward five years. Think about what your venture will look like at that time.

+Where will the office or headquarters be situated?

+How much business will your organization be doing?

+How many customers will be served or products sold?

+What type of role will you be playing in the company/business?

+What will you be doing with the money or success you have gained?

+Can you draw a picture or write a group of words to describe this VISION? Keep it as simple as possible, a couple symbols or words if you don’t draw.
+Another option is to cut out a picture from a magazine or print something from the Internet.

Put this picture of the vision on the front page of a binder in a protective sheet or maybe make it your screensaver. Put it somewhere where you’ll come back often.

5 year goal

What will you be doing?

Where will you live or spend your time?

Who will you spend your time with?

Why do you care about these results/hopes?

1 -2 year goal

What are you planning on doing with your free/work time?

Where will you spend your time, where will you work?

Who are the people that you will spend most of our time with?

Why are these people important to you?

The Vision: What is the overall goal/pain/dream?

What would success look like TO YOU?

Past achievements

Family/friends -have you maintained healthy relationships?

Jobs -got a job you are proud of?

Projects completed
-build/fix/repair something of value?

Started from scratch?

Physical obstacles overcome -health issue?

Places you've been -traveled?

Used to live in a worse neighborhood?


Made a decision, choice or move that helped others?

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