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Published by: Chris Jantzen on 02-20-2017

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We both love rain
Anyone can be an entrepreneur
Starting out is the hardest part
Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
Big win for Chris, thanks to Kaylee for advice
Entrepreneurship is like Gardening, not hunting
Bridging the gap from the 9-5 to starting your own thing
Change your attitude, Change your life
Entrepreneurship is finding your purpose/meaning
Folks who don’t like being told what to do
Finding your “why”
Kaylee got started as an “accidental entrepreneur”
Waking up happy, the light at the end of the tunnel

Don’t worry about finding your purpose, find your community
Make a list of things that are calling to you
Mini-breakdown plan
Neglecting your self, awareness, recognizing the signs of low points
Calling in help, using the right friend
Proactive rather than reactive
Helping people makes me feel good
No duality between personal and business life
Giving away value is important in marketing
Giving away time is also building market research
How to start building a community- start local, networking, find groups
Introvert vs. Extrovert
It’s the value of YOU, not the fancy tools
Most important thing, living life, enjoying it!
Don’t wait to retire, find a way to do it sooner than later

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