Dealing With Anxiety And Building Motivation

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 02-11-2017

It always seems impossible until its done. -Nelson Mandela

If you can dream it, you can build it. -Walt Disney

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop -Confucius

Discussion with my 14-year-old daughter
Philosopher Paul Tillich, book:The Courage To Be
Fear has a face/name
Anxiety is like a black hole
Story: Driving home from Stockton, dealing with anxiety, money troubles

List of Tips:
give the anxiety a name/face, turn it into a fear
worst case scenario planning
take action, even a small step
organization project
gratitude, be thankful for what you do have

Scott Hebert
community support, Facebook Group, I'm Starting From Scratch
motivation is not tangible, it's not just a decision
motivation is like a fire not like a lighter
'cheer me up' file on phone

list of past achievements
where are you going?
overall plan
motivation comes from your core, soul
accomplishment board
get out in Nature, exercise
community help, networking
consistent action is the key, habits not motivation
what, why, who, when
change course, examine big picture
choose life first

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