Scott Hebert: The Stoic Farmer

Published by: Chris Jantzen on 02-05-2017

Scott Hebert, The Stoic Farmer

How Scott went from MMA fighting to farming to podcasting
Scott needed to figure out how to make farming a business, seek out farmers that bring in money, look at it like a business
Scott’s grandpa was inspirational
Skills required to live out of the city, becoming well rounded
Learning how to learn
How MMA fighting changed Scott’s life
It’s very hard to get started on something new, Scotts first fights vs later bouts
Early obstacles in Flavourful Farms, not getting into the farmers market
The big obstacle of getting a trailer turns out to be a non-issue
Mistakes that lead to learning experiences, address a problem NOW
Stoic Mettle episodes designed to be a training session on Stoicism like a martial arts class
Do you have to be an expert to teach something?
Not having the expertise can also be a unique way to make you different
How to deal with low points or feeling bummed out:
• Get sleep
• Small wins
Stoicism: philosophy, perception, action, will
Meditation, distraction
Getting help, outsourcing, how to run a business as one person, networking
Knowing strengths and weaknesses, clear goals
Setting goals
What wakes people up to live life more intensely, wanting to reach goals
Motivation is discipline from Scotts point of view
You can't wait for motivation just do it
Choosing to get the work done making sacrifices is necessary

Permaculture Voices, Curtis Stone
Stoic Mettle Podcast
Flavourful Farms Website
Flavourful Farms Facebook Page
The Sample Hour, Falling Forward

Best quote from this episode: “Homeboy, you got my neckhole smoking right now!”

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